Infrastructure, Funding, EU and Extra-EU Funding

The 2021 – 2027 European plan includes the Autostrade del Mare” program to provide an efficient sea transport network for increased efficacy and competitiveness of combined sea and land transportation.

Motorways of the Sea can be an alternative and often complementary option to road transport; carrying trucks, containers and vehicles on ships reduces congestion on the road with a view to sustainable development and also prevents accidents and pollution.

The plan includes other EU funding opportunities.

In particular, the new European plan for the period 2021-2027 provides a budget amounting to 1.824,3 billion euros, of which:

1.074,3 billion euros for the Multiannual Financial Framework and 750 billion euros for the new Next Generation EU instrument

The 2021-2027 Agenda shall address a lot of current and future challenges and pursue its political priorities, namely:

  • Citizens and freedom protection
  • Development of a strong and dynamic economic base
  • Creation of a green, fair, social Europe with no impact on climate change
  • Promotion of European values and interests all over the world.

Besides the Multiannual Financial Framework general objectives, new targets for a green, digital and resilient economic recovery have been set in the European Green Deal and in the new instrument denominated Next Generation  EU, all  strategies to be implemented in the period 2021-2023 in response to the socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Panel will therefore look at the interaction between enterprises and local authorities based on already activated European projects, both with Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and other schemes.

Also international projects between companies or associations of undertakings shall be dealt with.

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