Local Tourism and Experience Development

Sviluppo del sistema turistico locale

By 2027 tourism along the Mediterranean coast will account for 10% of GDP and might reach 2,8 million jobs.

The cruise industry is increasing significantly and the Mediterranean is now the second biggest market in the world.

Merchant navies operating in the Mediterranean sea consist of over 8 thousand vessels, generating around 20% of the world sea trade.

Furthermore, fisheries and aquaculture in the Mediterranean – with a current value of over 4,1 billion euros and 353 thousand jobs – are among the most promising sectors in terms of growth and employment.

The Mediterranean has a considerable unexpressed potential. The challenge for the tourism market is enhancing the coast to increase interest also in the inland area.

Other significant actions might be developing transnational synergies and offers that can be successful in the global market, and making the devastating impact of the Asian market – which increases the number of tourists in the area –  more sustainable.

The Panel focuses on know-how transfer, local areas promotion and the creation of an   international partnership chart to present to US, Asian and Russian operators.

A primary role shall be played by food tourism, or food experiences, which offer the opportunity of combining tourism and top-quality local products while enjoying the arts and natural beauty of the countries.

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