Smart Cities

A Smart City is an urban area where facilities and services for citizens can be optimized and improved thanks to the use of digital technology and, more generally, innovation technology.

The characteristics of the smart city

The European Union has established the six main features of a Smart City:

Smart People – People (citizens) should be involved and participate in bottom-up decision making as well as share political powers.

Smart Governance – Human capital, environmental resources, relationships and community goods should be at the core of local policies.

Smart Economy – Urban economy and trade should aim at increasing production and employment inside the city using innovation technology.  A type of economy based on sharing and cooperation and focused on research and innovation.

Smart Living – Another top priority is guaranteed comfort and well-being for the citizens in terms of health, education, safety, culture, etc.

Smart Mobility – e-mobility, sharing mobility and any other type of mobility management should look at cost and environmental impact reduction along with energy optimization.

Smart Environment – Sustainable development, low environmental impact and energy efficiency will also be key to the cities of the future.

The Smart City model

According to Eurostat statistics, today 75% of the European population lives in towns, a figure that is bound to increase also on a global scale. United Nations reports state that 70% of the world population will live in towns by 2050 .

Even if they cover only 2-3% of the total land area, cities – due to such a concentration of people and businesses – are responsible for 70% of all carbon dioxide and polluting emissions, as well as for considerable energy consumption, with subsequent strong impacts on climate change.

This is why the Smart City model in modern society should be combined with energy efficiency (including buildings and offices) and environmental sustainability, all objectives that have been clearly stated in the 2030 Agenda.

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