The Mediterranean Forum of Local Authorities and Enterprise

The Forum mission is to create an operational and systemic network between Local Authorities and Enterprises, professionals and associations in the area.

The Forum will be operating via theme panels, training sessions and memorandums of understanding throughout the year.

«To better understand what FEIM is, you need to go beyond the concept of event. FEIM is a long-term, tailor-made path»

The Mediterranean must return at the center of the interests of the nations bordering it. This economic Forum is an opportunity for Local Authorities to create a system, get to know each other, exchange solutions and open synergies. Economic activity within the countries of the Mediterranean Area is worth 15% of the world GDP, second only to the USA – whose GDP represents 22% of the global economy – and slightly ahead of China. This is the result of a report by Ernst & Young which emphasizes that internal trade has reached the equivalent of 7 trillion dollars, with a growth of 4%.

Therefore, the creation of an increasingly integrated market and the development of the unexpressed potential of this area represent an important growth opportunity for Italy, the largest economy of the area along with France.

The economic evolution shows a growing interest in inclusion, digitalization, sustainability, social responsibility, etc., which involves society actors and consequently the specific areas they live in.

The Preview Magazine

The FEIM official digital media is «The  Preview Magazine».

Through the TPM you can be interviewed, send promotional material about your organization and receive  an offer to obtain more visibility for your business.

Also, for a small yearly subscription fee, local authorities will be able to communicate through their local TPM involving enterprises and associations in the same area; a real new-generation, socio-economical magazine.

The topics of the Forum

The Mediterranean Forum of Local Authorities and Enterprise wants to be a moment dedicated to the effectiveness and concreteness of the projects presented.

When the Forum was conceived, 7 panels were identified that refer to the main themes that will be dealt with during the event:






AR and AI





The Panels

Smart City (Green Energy)

The panel dedicated to "smart city" projects and everything that revolves around it ...

Local tourism development

The panel dedicated to activities related to the development of synergies for the development of tourism in the Countries of the Mediterranean basin

Waste and Urban Green Management

The panel dedicated to those activities related to waste management and the whole economy that can develop around this with particular attention to the environment that surrounds us.

UE and Extra UE Funding

The panel dedicated to the planning and design of European and Extra-European funding to help the development of projects by Local Authorities, Institutions and Companies

Research and Development

The panel dedicated to cooperation between the countries of the Mediterranean basin in the field of research and development to encourage more stringent synergies between the Local Authorities, institutions and companies present.

AI and Augmented Reality

The panel dedicated to Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence referred to the fields of use of these new technologies

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

The panel dedicated to "Corporate Social Responsibility" ... CSR and everything that revolves around it

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